Resources for All Rental Properties

There are many aspects of the landlord tenant relationship that the Rent Stabilization Ordinance does not cover. The following list includes key resources to housing laws outside the scope of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance. These resources are integral in understanding different areas of housing law that permit landlords to manage a profitable business while protecting their investment and ensuring tenants enjoyment of their rental homes while protecting their rights.

California Department of Consumer Affairs

(800) 952-5210

Department of Consumer and Business Affairs County of Los Angeles

(800) 593-8222

  • What is the limit on Security Deposits?

  • When does the landlord have to return a security deposit?

  • Is there a mediation service?

  • How can I file a Small Claims lawsuit?

  • Must a tenant renew the lease agreement?

  • Who is responsible for repair fees?

  • What notice requirements under State law?

  • Can the owner enter a rental unit without asking the tenant?

  • Who should make the repairs in my rental unit?

  • What happens when a lease runs out?

  • Should rental agreements be in writing?

  • Where can a landlord obtain assistance during a foreclosure?

  • What are tenant rights when a property is foreclosed?

Housing Rights Center

(213) 387-8400 or (800) 477-5977

  • What is discrimination? (Harassment, Retaliation)

  • Is a tenant entitled to a Reasonable Accommodation or Modification (access ramps, shower bars, parking, caregiver, etc)?

  • Does a landlord have to allow a service animal?

Lawyer Referral Services – Los Angeles County Bar Association

(213) 627-2727

  • How do I handle an eviction lawsuit and appeal?

  • Can a tenant be locked out without a court order?

  • How can I find a lawyer to represent me?

  • Who is considered a squatter?

  • Are voluntary vacate agreements for compensation allowed?

  • What if I am not satisfied with my attorney’s representation?

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Environmental Health (Habitability Issues)

(888) 700-9995

  • Who do I contact for mold, bedbugs, insects or rats?

  • Who can a tenant call for illegal utility shut offs?

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

(213) 683-3333

  • What if I need emergency shelter due to a fire, lock-out or other situation that requires a tenant move out of a unit?

  • Where can I get referrals for emergency transportation and social services?

Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety


  • Who inspects single family dwellings, condominiums, commercial buildings?

  • Who issues permits and Certificates of Occupancy?

State of California - Department of Housing and Community Development

(800) 952-5275

  • Who inspects mobile home parks?

  • Where can mobile home parks be registered?