Attn: Tenants / Landlords

The City of Los Angeles has COVID Renter Protections in place, including a rent increase freeze on Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) units (apartments).

To find out if you live in an RSO unit, go to

Or, text the letters, "RSO" to: 1(855) 880-7368 and follow the instructions (use the lowest number address on the property, for example, building includes addresses 1722, 1724, 1726, 1728 No. Main Street, use 1722 N Main St.)


Percent of Annual Allowable Rent Increase:


Please enter your current rent amount before rent increase:*
(Amount should not include any surcharges such as SCEP $3.61, etc.)

Does the landlord pay the electricity? *

(If the tenant has their own DWP bill then select No)

Does the landlord pay the gas? *

(If the tenant has their own Gas Company bill then the answer is No. The gas does not include the payment for a common furnace boiler or hot water heater)

Calculation :
Total Allowable RSO Rent Increase:

Current Rent Amount x (Allowable Rent Increase + Utilities) * Under the RSO, the rent for a rental unit (effective 7/1/19 to 6/3/2020) may be increased by 4% and an additional 1% for gas and 1% for electric service if the service is provided by the landlord. *A 30-Day advance written notice must be given to the tenant if the rent increase is less than 10% * To find out if your unit is subject to the RSO, click here

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