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Tenants and landlords are a part of helping make Los Angeles a great place to live. In Los Angeles, 624,000 units of rental housing are covered by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), which allows landlords a reasonable return on their investments while protecting tenants from excessive rent increases and certain kinds of evictions. 

As a part of our efforts to help tenants and landlords know their rights and responsibilities under the RSO, we created these 'pocket guides' to help understand key facts about the RSO. 

We invite you to share your stories and photos of what home in Los Angeles means to you by filling out the form below. Mayor Garcetti will personally review all entries and invite the best submissions to be a part of the expanded RSO awareness campaign. Also provided below are sample stories and photos used for the current campaign.


The Smart Guide for Landlord Booklet Cover Image

If you're a landlord who is looking for a guide to comply with RSO rules-how to register, how much you can increase rents, legal reasons for evictions-then start with this guide. We prepared it with input from landlords to help answer the most common questions landlords have.

Download it here for free.


The Smart Guide for Tenant Booklet Cover Image

Tenants in RSO buildings enjoy protections from certain kinds of evictions and from excessive rent increases. This guide book helps answer questions many tenants have about maximum rent increases, reasons for legal eviction, and how to handle issues that may come up. We prepared it with input from tenants to help answer the most common questions tenants have.

Download it here for free.


The Smart Guide for Landlord Booklet Cover Image (Spanish)

Si usted es arrendador en busca de una guía para cumplir con las leyes de la RSO – por ejemplo como registrar sus unidades de renta, cuanto puede aumentar la renta, las razones legales para desalojos – entonces comience con esta guía. Fue preparada con la asistencia de arrendadores para proveer respuestas a las preguntas más comunes que tienen los arrendadores.

Obtengalo aquí gratis.


The Smart Guide for Landlord Booklet Cover Image (Spanish)

Los inquilinos en edificios RSO disfrutan de protecciones de ciertas clases de desalojos y de aumentos de alquiler excesivos. Esta guía asista con respuestas sobre los asuntos que muchos inquilinos tienen de aumentos de alquiler máximos, motivos legales de desalojo, y como manejar cuestiones que puedan subir. Lo preparamos con la participación de inquilinos para obtener contestaciones a las preguntas más comunes que tengan inquilinos.

Obtengalo aquí gratis.


Our HomeforLARenters awareness campaign features photos and stories from real Angelenos about what home means to them. Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, we'd love to see your photos and stories. Your photo and story could be selected for our ongoing awareness posters around Los Angeles!

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