Contact HCIDLA

What is Ask HCIDLA?

Ask HCIDLA is yet another communication tool to reach staff at HCIDLA.

On any given month, the Housing + Community Investment Department receives on average 14,000 calls through its hotline. Sometimes the wait is short, sometimes a bit longer. The hotline also offers multilingual services. But, HCID also offers a messaging type service through its website, known as Ask HCIDLA. A person only need to complete the short (very short) form, once submitted, the form is expedited to the corresponding division/program. 

To reach the Ask HCIDLA page: 

  • Go the HCIDLA Home Page

  • Scroll down to the “Services” Section (left side)

  • Then  click here Contact HCIDLA link and tah daah!  Instantly linked to the Ask HCIDLA message page.  From the drop down menu, choose the reason or topic for your message and add the additional details. 

  • Lastly, be sure to complete the “captcha code” to verify a real person is completing the form, and submit!

Ask HCIDLA is continuously monitored and it’s an alternate means of reaching staff at HCID.
TIP: For faster response, be sure to include all details such as your contact information, any property address in question, and the reason for your contact.